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Co-Optimization & the Hydrogen Economy (Part 1)

Modeling and Carbon Accounting using PLEXOS for a better future

Unlock the future of energy modeling

Our world’s reliance on fossil fuels is the biggest obstacle to cleaner, safer, accessible, and affordable energy. It’s time to focus on not just dreaming up, but simulating and proving all the possible solutions to our better energy future with data. Modeling technology is here to help pave the way.  

It’s 2023 and we are long past seeing energy sectors as silos – gas, power, heat, etc. are all irrevocably linked. A change in one sector affects the other. So, let’s reflect that in our models and find optimal solutions to interconnected energy systems, to enhance overall performance and synergy. By coupling energy sectors, energy systems become more resilient, diverse, and less reliant on a single source of energy or infrastructure. PLEXOS is the only tool in the market that allows you to do this. 

In this webinar, we dive deeper into:

  1. Introduction to Coupled Energy Markets
  2. Modeling a Coupled Energy System using Co-optimization
  3. Electrification
  4. Hydrogen Emergence

With PLEXOS as your tool of choice, you'll gain invaluable insights into the dynamics of this evolving sector and make informed decisions for a sustainable future.

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Ready for Part 2?

Decarbonization & Hydrogen Modeling

Watch Part 2 of our Hydrogen Webinar Series, Decarbonization & Hydrogen Modeling, to hear how Mitsubishi Power used PLEXOS Electric, Gas and Water modules and developed an Integrated Decarbonization Model (IDM) to identify optimal decarbonization strategies for several regions, ISOs/RTOs, and electric/gas utilities. IDM incorporates detailed system modeling to study the impact of Hydrogen on decarbonization goals and timelines.

Decarb & Hydrogen Webinar - Speaker Graphic  - V2-1

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