August 2023

What's New

BI Analytics

Real-Time Insights & Effortless Collaboration

With the fully embedded BI Analytics dashboards in PLEXOS Cloud, users can access data with lightning speed and enjoy a seamless experience. Make better decisions through configurable visualizations and real-time insights, empowering your team to unlock the true potential of your data. Collaborate effortlessly by sharing valuable insights across departments, breaking down data silos and fostering a culture of data-driven success. 

Planners and decision makers at organizations can access key insights directly with this option. And users that have Power BI experience can leverage their skills to create or edit dashboards as needed. 

*Feature requires PLEXOS Cloud Analytics 

Excel Add-In Improvements

Easier Data Editing

Gone are the days of struggling with complex data structures. Our Excel add-in improvements address a key challenge by streamlining data management, allowing users to easily manage and analyze energy data with greater precision and convenience.  

Category columns - Excel Add-In

New Categories for Enhanced Data Precision:

You now have the flexibility to add new Categories to any Class as needed, allowing for more accurate and specific data representation. Once created and saved, these newly added Categories will be readily available in the Category column dropdown, simplifying the selection process for your data. Additionally, you can assign different Categories to various Objects within the Model Database. 

Simplified Scenario Tagging:

Our Excel Add-In now supports easy tagging of Scenario Objects to any Property data. With a user-friendly drop-down input, you can effortlessly edit Scenarios, selecting from a list of available options within the ClassName{Property} sheet. 
Scenarios tagging columns - Excel Add-In
Object Category Editing - Excel Add In

Efficient Object Category Editing:

Users can now edit the Category of a PLEXOS object directly within the Model Database using the Excel Add-In. Moreover, you have the option to create and assign new Categories via the Add-In, further enhancing data organization and management. 

*Feature Requires PLEXOS Cloud Analytics

PLEXOS Cloud Marketplace

Why start from Scratch?

Gain access to a vast library of content, including pre-built Excel Add-in templates, BI Reports, Solution Reports, and desktop integration tools with the PLEXOS Cloud Marketplace. Say farewell to repetitive tasks and welcome the ease of simply copying these resources into your own environment.  

We believe in continuous improvement, which is why we'll be constantly adding new content to the PLEXOS Cloud Marketplace. Stay ahead of the curve with access to the latest templates, reports, and integration tools to effortlessly generate professional reports. 

*Feature requires PLEXOS Cloud

Cloud Marketplace

Simulation Monitoring Dashboard

Monitoring Every Aspect, in Real-Time

Real-time access to simulation metrics and logs is just a click away! Bid farewell to anxiety-ridden modeling sessions, as PLEXOS Cloud provides you with live insights into your simulation's progress. Now, you can monitor every aspect of your simulations and make well-informed decisions on-the-fly, empowering you to steer your projects towards success confidently.

Output Data Grid

Optimize your Workflow with Data Storytelling

Our intuitive Output Data Grid, allows ad-hoc analysis for a single day's activity or a comprehensive view of the entire horizon. No more struggling with data organization, thanks to PLEXOS Cloud powerful pivot tools that effortlessly group and filter data, revealing valuable trends and patterns. Enhance your data storytelling with captivating interactive charts using PLEXOS' simple chart creation feature, perfect for presentations and emails. Save queries, charts, and personalized layouts effortlessly, and seamlessly integrate with Excel through the PLEXOS Cloud Excel Add-In, optimizing your workflow and productivity.

*Feature Requires PLEXOS Cloud Analytics

Output Data Grid - optimized workflow

Simulation Groups

Take Control of your Simulations

Users can easily create and modify Simulation Groups (a set of simulations), allowing them to execute multiple simulations together in a single batch which eliminates the need for manual selection. This time-saving feature streamlines workflows and ensures greater efficiency when dealing with extensive modeling scenarios. You can effortlessly compare solutions from various models in one comprehensive BI Report. This not only simplifies data interpretation but also provides a holistic view of your business, enabling smarter, more informed decision-making. 

*Feature requires PLEXOS Cloud Simulate


Simulation Groups - PLEXOS Cloud
Man working on computer

Usage Based Pricing

Embrace the convenience of our usage-based pricing model. Use what you need, when you need it,  ensuring no unexpected bills. Deploy just the right compute resources for your needs and access them instantly. With flexible options, you can adjust infrastructure on-demand and effectively use your credits for key projects. As your needs evolve, effortlessly scale your resources. Our model ensures you're always prepared for your workload, allowing teams to accurately cost projects and scale as needed. Enjoy quick access to simulations, completing tasks without delay.  

*Available with PLEXOS Cloud

Executive View

The Executive View, and Xcelerate Customer Hackathon idea, is designed specifically for decision-makers within your organization.  If you're an analyst satisfied with your model results, you can now select and share those insights through a simple, tailored interface. This avoids the time-consuming process of exporting results out of PLEXOS, formatting the data in Excel or a database for reporting, and then building custom reports in another tool. 

More good news for existing customers! If you're a customer who currently has the Analytics bundle of PLEXOS Cloud, you'll receive five Executive Licenses included at no extra charge. This also applies to those in our QuickStart program.  Feel free to assign these licenses to your internal executive team or decision-makers as you see fit. 

Grey haired man with glasses reviewing material on laptop

Ease of Access

To use this feature, Executive users log into PLEXOS Cloud and are directed to a simplified interface where they don't have to sift through the complexities of studies or model settings; they get a straightforward view that allows for quick, informed decisions. 


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